AQICS - Anesthesia Quality Information Control Suite

The Power of Quality

AQICS is a best-in-class software solution for medical anesthesia practices to efficiently gather, catalog and report on patient clinical outcome case data. Designed exclusively for quality management, AQICS has the sophistication, ease-of-use and flexibility to be applied to any practice profile.
AQI/NACOR Listed Software Vendor
Automated import of national benchmark data
Care provider and practice performance level comparisons
Always current case event definition standards

Easily integrate into existing practice technology and operations

Our experts evaluate your existing technology to map out data exchange paths, processes and business rules to ensure data quality

API/Data Exchange

Flexible EMR and other software connections

Flexible Integration

Begin integration around current quality operations and scale to optimal ROI

Total Control Reporting

1. Automated AQI Compliant Data Submission
Practice driven, or AQICS submission service
2. Automated Report Delivery
Save reports and have them automatically generated and emailed at the practice or individual care provider level
3. Flexible Output Options
View report data on screen for quick reference or produce files as PDF, Excel, Tableau, XML and other formats with flexible formatting.
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Anesthesia Practice Consultants

"Our quality data is now a valuable asset"
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