Solution Suite History

A brief overview of the origin and partnership that drove the development of the AQICS solution suite.

In the summer of 2019, Jack Dillon, CEO of Anesthesia Practice Consultants ( was referred to Shaman Software by Apple to address a need for a reliable resource to help them with managing their clinical outcomes quality data. They had been using a Microsoft Access database that was being phased out of in a process . With that solution phased out, they would be faced with no available support for development or to address any problems. To seamlessly and successfully replace their solution there were a number of requirements:

Legacy Solution
  • Audit the solution features and replace all those in use.
  • Migrate all legacy data from the phased out solution.
  • Audit and correct incomplete or incorrect legacy data that was a result of the previous solution not having integrated data integrity controls.
New Solution Features
  • Improve features of the legacy solution to improve data gathering efficiency and integrity.
  • Add functionality to support case review.
  • Expand reporting functionality so data gathered can be used to create value for clinicians and the practice.

Over the following two years, the AQICS Solution Suite was developed and it became clear that a robust quality focused solution was needed as a product in the marketplace. Expanded functionality and solution personalization features were added to create the publicly available AQICS Solution Suite.


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