The Value of Best-In-Class Quality Management

On overview of the ways in which best-in-class clinical outcomes quality management creates extensive value for clinicians and the practice.

The value of quality data extends to many parts of practice management such as:

  1. Standard of Care: Practitioners and practice groups are better able to evaluate and increase standards of care with detailed information on outcomes and related variables.
  2. Benchmarks: Practices and providers can benchmark against national standards as well as other practice groups.  Ability to dial into subspecialties such as cardiac, pediatric, and obstetric anesthesia. 
  3. Reimbursement: Insurance carriers can be provided with all necessary details to ensure maximum procedure reimbursement. 
  4. Incentive Revenue: Capture revenue from quality based government, hospital group and insurance carrier incentive programs.
  5. Data Revenue: De-identified solution data can be included in reports sold which are issued a blockchain digitally encrypted certificate to assure authenticity.
  6. Peer Review/Human Resources: Human Resources departments are supported with objective performance data when evaluating clinician performance and assessing areas of ongoing education and skill development.
  7. Contracts: Clear performance data supports dialog when negotiating carrier, hospital and other contracts for services.
  8. Liability: Legal exposure may be mitigated with clearly documented trends and comparative data.
  9. Recruitment: Recruitment and retention are supported with individualized practitioner clinical direction for education and skill development.

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